zaterdag 15 oktober 2016

Enduro Park Hechlingen

Booked a long time ago a 2 day enduro training course in the Enduro Park Hechlingen together with a friend. Finally it's that time. All packed and ready to go for our 850km trip direction the training facility in Germany. I booked in the Forellenhof hotel. That is very close to the training center. A typical German hotel with big rooms, good food and a lot of beer for the ones that loves that (i never drink alcohol so i don't know if that's a good thing or not). 

Day 1:

Meeting at 8:30 in the headquarters of the training center. The instructors giving us some guide lines and they put us in groups. 
After that we went to the garage where all bikes are parked with name tags on of every rider. 

We start with 9 riders but already very early 2 guys drop out because there skills are not good enough to follow us during the low speed balance course. 
After that we do a loop on the beautiful course using the different techniques that we have learned. We are lucky to be in a small and good group. Everybody knows how to handle a bike so we don't have to wait to long for guys getting dropped our fall. 

But at the end of the day you see left and right guys making small mistakes. Probably that have to do of the intensity of the training and some getting more and more tired. 
So day one is in the pocket. Back to our hotel at 17:30 to refresh our selfs. At 19:30 we have a group dinner. At the end of a very nice buffet the instructors are giving a presentation about other activities that they provide during the year. 

Day 2:
Back at the training facility where we do a group warm up at 9:00 on the parking lot.
everybody is warm and ready to jump on the bike to adding and training some more techniques and skills. Starting with the 'sahara' sand bank. Not an easy thing but after crashing and getting back up we start to know how to handle the bike is these deep sand banks. 
Getting some thing to drink and eat for 5min and hopping back on the bike to do some more loops on the beautiful training course.

In these 2 days i have learned so many things. A real must have to do if you have the change.

I have made a small movie. Feel free to have a look

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